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Isabella & Pontus


Isabella Gregorio has been roaming the world spreading afro-american vernacular jazz dance
culture to the masses since 2002. For more than 10 years, she spearheaded the Italian swing
dance scene as both a teacher and an organizer. While igniting newly started scenes all over
Europe, she organized the renowned Swing Crash Festival in Lake Como, Italy for 10 years. A
choreographer, teacher, coach and performer, Isabella has herself won multiple titles within Lindy
Hop competitions and Boogie Woogie competitions all across the world, among them are wins
and placements at ALHC, ULHS, ILHC, ESDC, Camp Hollywood, Jazz Jam, World
Championships, World Cup, European Championships, Nordic Championships, Swedish
Championships, Italian Championships.


Pontus Persson is a stage performer, choreographer, teacher, dancer and student of the arts of
afro-american vernacular jazz dances. As a 5-year old, he first came in contact with the dancing
arts in 1995, whereupon his journey started through all its styles. Competing since the age of 6,
Pontus later traveled Europe during his teens to participate in swing dance festivals and
competitions and started teaching and coaching locally at the age of 15. In 2006 he won the
Swedish and World Championships in junior class and from the following year he trained and
worked with The Hot Shots (then called ‘Harlem Hot Shots’) until 2013, being an official core
member for 5 years performing and teaching Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz and Tap.
Pontus has won multiple titles within competitions in Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Charleston &
Authentic Jazz, among them are wins and placements at ILHC, ESDC, Jazz Jam, World
Championships, European Championships, Nordic Championships, Swedish Championships.

Isabella & Pontus has been working together since 2010, and have as a couple created a highly
pedagogical teaching and coaching style, honing the dancers’ intellect as well as their skill by
thoroughly applying realistic situational awareness amongst social dancers. As coaches, they
adamantly raise the individuality and identity of any performer by focusing on already existing
qualities and making them bloom.
As choreographers, Pontus and Isabella work both as a pair and as individuals, ranging from
creating pieces for competitors to producing shows or video/TV productions.
Together, they hold the record for most consecutive double gold medals at the Swedish
Championships. Among others, in their more active years as competitors as a couple, Pontus and
Isabella holds the following titles:
5 years consecutive Swedish Champions in Lindy Hop
5 years consecutive Swedish Champions in Boogie Woogie
5 years consecutive Vice World Champions in Boogie Woogie
4 years consecutive award winners at ILHC (Various divisions)

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