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Laia & Gustav

Laia, from Barcelona, grew up dancing and when her parents took her to a Swing concert at 19 years old she was hooked. Gustav, from Sweden, grew up doing all sorts of sports and attending a music school. He found Lindy Hop at Herräng Dance Camp and was instantly obsessed.

They are based in Barcelona, where they are dancing, teaching, learning and also community building at their dance school called El Taller.

Their teaching is focused on rhythm and flow, and Laia especially is keen on getting followers to participate actively and with a strong rhythm in the dance. They both are constantly working on improving their dancing by taking Tap classes, different types of African dance classes as well as practicing their Solo Jazz movement as well as Lindy Hop.

They sometimes compete and have had good results at events such as The Snowball, ILHC, Lindy Shock and lately at ILHC Europe.

This Mediterranean-Scandinavian couple has now been dancing Lindy Hop for 15 years and they are eternally grateful for the opportunities this dance gives them, traveling to many countries, teaching, competing and sharing their love for this African American dance form for the last 10 years. 

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