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Paula & Emu


Seventeen years of full-throttle dedication to Boogie and Lindy Hop have brought Paula success in the national squad and valuable experiences as a competitive dancer, both at home and abroad. Three times, she secured second place as Vice-Swiss Boogie Woogie champion alongside her dance partner, and she achieved successful second and third-place finishes at the Rock That Swing Boogie Cup.
With this background, she has journeyed from being a talented coachee to a sensitive coach. Playful humor is her constant companion, as is a keen sense for cool music, allowing her to effortlessly hop over well-trodden dance paths. Paula's mastery of improvisation and solid footwork elevate her as a performer and teacher to a level that consistently renews the joy of Swing and Hop. Her students not only discover something new in the old but also continually reinvent themselves: That's Jazz!


In the distant past (approximately 10 years ago) Emu came across Lindy Hop in Zurich and has been swinging since.
Thrilled by the expressiveness and individuality of the social dance, the energy of the show dance Emu stayed hooked to the dance, eventually teaching in Zurich for 5 years.
Emus dancing and teaching is focused on letting loose and most importantly: Having fun.

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