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Viktor & Andrew


Australian born, raised in China, and educated in the United States. Andrew started dancing in 2006 as part of a small lindyhop scene in Beijing. For a shy kid who never danced before he thought it was pretty cool.
Known for a fluid style with a touch of rhythm, Andrew loves social dancing more than anything else. As a dancer he is known for his at times crazy energy on the floor, and as a teacher he loves discovering and sharing fun steps with everyone.


Dance and movement have always been important to Viktor. He grew up dancing socially with friends in his hometown of Ithaca, New York. After discovering Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz dance in Ohio in 2013, he has only fallen more deeply in love with Jazz as time goes on. Over the years dance has taken him where he never dreamed he would go, and the varied influences he discovered have helped him develop a unique flavor to his dance. He loves to spread the joy of dance within a comprehensive experience of jazz music, and is continually studying Jazz’s profound history and cultural roots in a continuum of Black American social dance.
Viktor has taught classes and workshops on three continents, and continues to travel to teach. He uses his musical knowledge and his thoughtful creative outlook to help students both become comfortable in their basics and expand their boundaries. Above all, he absolutely loves to share his musical and flowing style of swing on the social floor, and he encourages all dancers to feel the music and have fun!

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